Monday, February 24, 2014


Bad credit does not mean an end to your prospects for availing a car loan. On the contrary nowadays it has become comparatively easy for getting bad credit car loans and no credit car loans. Bad credit does not mean that you not at all capable of returning the loan. In fact bad credit is just the reflection of how irregular you were at repaying the earlier loans.

When looking from the car loan lenders perspective the market is now flooded with competition and recession has broken the financial back bone of many prospective car buyers. The current recession has left to income reduction of many, increase in the basic commodity prices and increase in the applicable rate of interest on the current loans. The number of good credit car loan applicants is dwindling while that of bad credit car loan applicants is on a dramatic rise. Most of the car loan applicants nowadays have bad credit and these bad credit applicants form a large portion of the market segment of the car loan lender's market. If the car loan lender does not cater to the bad credit applicants, these applicants will approach other lenders. The car loan lender cannot afford losing any car loan applicant. Many car loan lenders have now started offering bad credit car loans and even poor credit car loans.

When availing the bad credit car loans or no credit car loans the borrower should pay special attention to the terms and conditions and especially the car loan rates. Usually the car loans for bad credit and no credit carry higher rate of interest and severe penalties for missing or being late for the monthly payments. Some of the strategies to reduce the car loan rates are hiking the advance payment, getting a good credit cosigner, submitting the proof of regular income through a stable job, or pawing the home equity or the car as the collateral and converting the car loan into a type of secured loan. Comparison and negotiations are other ways of reducing the car loan rates.

Sometimes when all the strategies fail to make the bad credit car loan or the no credit car loan affordable, the only way left for the borrower is to seek used car loans. In case of used car loan the loan amount is drastically reduced and the applicable rate of interest can be lowered by paying higher monthly payments and availing faster riddance from the car loan. In case of buying a used car the car buyer needs to take care about the condition of the engine and the formalities such as insurance and loan pending because of the first owner of the car.

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