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More manageable monthly payments, better interest rates, and a chance to improve your credit history, these are the three goals of acquiring a bad credit mortgage loan. Do you have a poor credit history? Bad credit mortgage loans can assist you in purchasing a new home or refinancing the one you already live in. Taking a bad credit mortgage loans can help you re-establish your creditworthiness and give you some financial stability.

Generally, if you have been holding a high-interest home loan for twelve consecutive months and have made your payments in a timely manner, you will be able to apply, and probably approved, for a bad credit mortgage loan. Lenders are out there to accommodate your financial aspirations. Your twelve months of on-time payments will have given your credit history quite a nice boost as well. You can choose one of three types of bad credit mortgages.

Type One: New Home

Even though you may have a pretty poor credit history you probably can still get the financing to buy a new home. If you are a first time buyer or you are looking for a second home, this is probably a good solution for you. Bad credit loan mortgages have rather high interest rates, but once you get your credit scores back on track, you will be able to refinance at more reasonable interest rates. With each timely payment you make your credit scores inch up a little higher.

Type Two: Refinance Mortgage

This may sound tricky, but it is not really. A bad credit mortgage refinance allows you to pay off the existing mortgage on the home with the funds gleaned from a second bad credit mortgage loan while keeping the home on the second mortgage as collateral. As noted above, this can happen after twelve months of regularly scheduled payments. You will have a lower interest rate, which means you can build equity faster. Also, your monthly payments should be more manageable.

Type Three: Home Equity

At some point you will have built some substantial equity in your home. That is, a significant portion of the principle on your bad credit mortgage loan will have been paid. You can request a second mortgage loan, also called a home equity loan, in the amount of that sum of equity. The same home can be the collateral. This bad credit second mortgage will have better interest rates and reasonable repayment terms as well.

Many home buyers have such a second mortgage loan, or home equity loan, and have used it for any number of good financial reasons. Often they are used to consolidate a bunch of pesky little debts. Some have used it for home improvements which increases the value of the property. Sometimes the funds are used for emergencies such as unexpected medical expenses or trips necessary for distant family obligations. Paying this on this mortgage is much cheaper than using credit cards. Once again, timely payments will boost your credit scores.

Pulling It All Together

As you can see, taking on a bad credit mortgage loan or a bad credit mortgage refinance can do a lot to boost your credit scores, to make your finances more manageable, and bring your interest rates down. Home buyers with poor credit benefit greatly using these loans.

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