Monday, March 17, 2014


What is a Download Site?

Websites are collection of web pages, images and videos that can be accessed from a common URL or Uniform resource locator, consisting of a domain name. All publicly accessible sites make the World Wide Web and they create interspersed using HTML and XHTML
In common man's language the copying of content available on websites to the computer of the user is called downloading sites.

How does the process of making money work for download sites?

Many websites require payment to access and download their content.
Websites that offer Email services, gaming, music, stock market, movies academics, astrology, auction sites and sites storing data require a registration fee to access their content, download them or purchase products.
Modes of payment are usually through credit cards or debit cards.

What resources or skills will you need?

To create a website you need knowledge of web programming. You also require tools to host your site in a domain and create a hyperlink with other search engines that help with locating your site.
You need to promote or advertise your site to make it more visible to the browser. This in turn increases the traffic to your site.

How do you get them?

You can create a website by employing expert professionals with software skills and who are competent in creating a good website with relevant links.
Technically qualified engineers are available across the globe. You can take their help to establish this lucrative business firmly.

What is the investment?

You basically need a computer, a product or a concept to sell, a webpage writer and a domain to host the website. The investment as compared to the profits is meager and upgrading the product on the site does not require further investments.

Who is the competition?

There are many domains that host websites that feature in popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Creating download sites is a very competitive endeavor. Many search engines have their own social networking sites that offer almost the same facilities. There are many share market sites which require you to pay upfront to access their prediction and analysis. Sites that can be downloaded are available on the internet and have a common URL

Level of difficulty, Easy, medium, difficult - why?

It is very easy to create a downloadable site. But it is very challenging to get visitors to the site unless the site is optimized for relevant keywords that are accessed through search engines.
Domains with .com and .net are accessed more often than domains that are young and have more than three letters.

How much money can you expect to make and how fast?

The amount of money you make on your website depends on various factors such as density of traffic, effectiveness of the product or concept available on your site, investment involved and the marketing or promotional efforts taken by you. With disciplined effort, commitment and focus, you can certainly make this online business a great success.

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