Friday, March 7, 2014


Subscription and recurring billing jBilling software comes with flexible solutions for subscription management and recurring billing. All different kinds of payment systems checks, credit cards, and third party payment processors can be used. Businesses have massive financial gains from this fully automated invoice generation and payment process. They can also send invoice as email, PDF files or over post. Also supports full or partial payment and works with special promotions or schemes run by the business.

Easy Integration jBilling allows you to integrate your website and enterprise systems to the billing system. That is, you can minimize the requirements of repeated entries and can minimize redundancy errors.

Access Billing System through Browser Interface you can allow access to billing system to your employees, customers and partners using a web-based form. You can use your web browser to access the functions. jBilling supports web based billing facilities and your customers can get their invoices immediately after they place an order for your product or service. Built on Java platform, it offers high speeds and high levels of flexibility.

Multiple Database Support jBilling runs on Windows, Linux and works with databases like MySQL, Oracle and more. A truly universal billing system, it runs on your enterprise system, irrespective of its operating system of database.

Multiple Languages and Localization Support jBilling supports multiple currencies, languages and offers localization support. That is, this software supports transactions in Dollars, Euros, Pounds, etc and you can use different languages for the interface.

Interesting Notes

While jBilling can serve all different kinds of business, telecom companies frequently make requests for customisation, mainly at, where 100,000 plus open source projects are posted. jBilling is the most active project in open source billing category. It may be like the telecom companies have for the first time found a sophisticated billing system that meets their needs. jBilling is not a software dedicated to telecom sector, it is just many of the telcos find it easier to use jBilling and the control it offers is great.

Support Requires Payment

Since you get the software and all its utilities absolutely free of cost, you need to pay for the support. However, your IT department too can gain the expertise. The whole system is developed on JAVA EE platform. The support staff is knowledgeable and offers professional support, when you need it. Professional support is available, whenever you need. While you download and use jBilling for free, you can also opt for services like consulting, training support and installation. In most cases, you will need these services for once only, till your IT department picks up the necessary skills.

The free to use forum also is a good place to post your requirements of specific billing applications. Telecom companies do it all the time and you can see several hundreds of specialization requirements by telcos answered

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