Sunday, June 15, 2014


Bradley commercial lavatories and sinks feature a wide range of ergonomic designs and material builds that comprehensively address the needs of plumbing companies and the many clients they service.

Options will range from the simplicity of a stainless steel soap dispenser to a five-star-rated lavatory basin that with photovoltaic technology. Photovoltaic technology is a form of technology that uses light and movement sensors to activate the water stream. This eliminates the need to touch the fixture and greatly reduces the risk of passing infectious contagions from hand to hand.

From a financial perspective, this control mechanism also prevents excess water from flowing from the pipes and being wasted.

Reduction of raw sewage carries with it both conservation benefits and environmentally conscious advantages that will help a company improve its green image. Ergonomically engineered Bradley commercial lavatories and sinks also last much longer than more primitive equivalents, so from the standpoint of the purely bottom line, they save organizations money on replacement costs.

Bradley commercial lavatory and sink systems are also designed to make entire buildings more efficient in the area of space utilization.

Plumbing companies who are bidding these fixtures in a proposal need to emphasize on the line item level the tremendous value this adds to any business. Making a smaller fixture do more work is the key to delegating what is necessary for restroom space and leaving the rest of the building available for management and production areas. It also reduces maintenance costs for businesses because these fixtures are more accessible to service personnel and easy to repair than more antiquated equivalents.

Plumbing companies who install these fixtures add value to their own invoice as well.

A less labor intensive product that will perform better and last longer reduces liability and repeat service calls that could potentially put a plumbing operation at a loss. In many areas of the country as well, many plumbers are being strangled by increasingly strict regulations. However, with Bradley commercial lavatories and sinks, the equipment they propose fits well within the parameters of these new regulations and ensures that proposals can be passed along to clients without the logjams of red tape that can otherwise pop up from out of nowhere and grind a project to a halt.

Both immediate and long-germ values, then, are available to vendor and client alike. Financial returns on multiple levels can be expected both in the first year post-installation and for many years of consistent operation down the line.

Along with code compliance and operations, Bradley commercial lavatories and sinks give employees more accessible and user-friendly equipment they can count on.

Functionality is a given with the new technology that distinguishes these products. New laws requiring full accessibility for all persons are also accommodated by the many different model types available and special ergonomic options one can request. ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) codes, and TSA requirements are all factored into the design of these products so they are made to perform both as expected by the user and as required by multiple levels of law.

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