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Most people assume that it is impossible to get financing when you are unemployed, however, though you may not have as many options as those with a steady job and good income, it is feasible. Since your options are limited you may be tempted to go with the first offer you receive but that would be a huge mistake. Getting different loan quotes from varied lenders will help you make sure that you are not overcharged by the lender. There are unfortunately many unscrupulous lenders preying on those in need.

There are some key variables to consider when it comes to unemployment loans: income and proof of income, collateral or security, co-signing and career development. These concepts are essential to unemployment loans because they define the requirements and your chances of getting finance without a job. Knowing how these variables interact is the first step to successfully getting finance when you are unemployed.

Income And Proof Of Income

If you are unemployed but have another income apart from unemployment insurance, you will need to show proof of it. It is not that it is not possible to obtain funds without proving income but it is much easier to obtain advantageous terms and boost your chances of approval if you do have income and you can prove it. Tax presentations, bank account movements, etc. can be used to provide proof of income when you are unemployed.

There are also loans offered with stated income in which the lender does not require proof of income other than your word. However, since these transactions are quite risky, the lender will require you to pay higher interest rates and will also process your request only if you have an impeccable credit report with a credit history free from delinquencies in the past.

The Collateral Factor

Having collateral will also boost your chances of approval. If you have a valuable asset to secure your loan, then you will be able to obtain approval and more advantageous terms including lower interest rates. However, as with all secured loans, you risk to lose the property used as collateral to repossession. The property is often a house or condo but a car or other vehicles can also be used as collateral for loans.


Since the co-signer of a loan is also obliged to repaying the loan in case the main borrower fails to return the money, co-signing will boost your chances of approval for unemployment loans. However, the co-signer is running an important risk because if you can not catch up with your loan payments he will be forced to take your place and repay the loan or else, the lender can take legal actions against both of you.

Career Development Loans

Career development loans are offered by lending institutions to provide a solution for those who are unemployed and need to further their studies or acquire certain disciplines in order to get back in the work force. These loans can provide financing for course fees and other costs associated with the studies but seldom provide funds for living expenses. Nevertheless if you are thinking of learning new skills to get a new employment, this is the way to go.

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