Tuesday, September 16, 2014


The most obvious reason to use a credit card bin search is to help reduce chargebacks. If you are an online seller that needs assurance that they will not fall prey to credit card fraud, then it is in your best interests to take a closer look at the benefits of using a credit card bin search.

Reduce chargebacks

A credit card bin search can do a lot to help reduce chargebacks and in addition, can help to prevent internet based attacks on an online business or store. Chargebacks are operations that a credit card holder requests to be compensated for any monies that they have lost on account of fraudulent online transactions involving credit cards.

Reduce the likelihood of credit card fraud

By visiting a credit card bin search site, you can reduce the likelihood of being defrauded through use of fraudulent credit cards. A good credit card bin search site is one that can provide you ready access to the best credit card bin numbers database.

Exhaustive list of certifications

This database holds an exhaustive list of certifications for all banks that issue credit cards in any part of the world. In addition, the list also contains vital information regarding the credit card type, issuer and the country of origin of the issuer. The basis on which the list is created is a collection of first six digits of the credit card. These numbers are unique and make up the BIN or bank identification number. They can then be used when making a credit card bin search.

When you perform a credit card bin search with a credit card BIN numbers lookup system, it will check to see whether such a card is present in the database. If the credit card bin search shows that it is, then it will provide information related to the credit card. This information can be used by the merchant to check if the card is genuine.

For example, when the merchant enters a credit card bin search number related to a credit card that is of American origin but which is being used in China, then the credit card bin search will provide information to help validate the card. Unless the numbers all tally, you cannot be sure that the credit card is a genuine one. In such a case, the merchant must decline the transaction saying that the credit card bin search flagged the card as being suspicious.

It is up to the merchant to decide which kind of list should be used for the credit card bin search. There are both free lists to choose from as well as paid ones. The paid ones are however better as they are more likely to store accurate and complete information and this in turn helps ensure that the credit card bin search will provide more reliable results.

Even if you do opt for a paid list, you do not have to pay the entire fee as you can purchase only the amount of features that you think are necessary for your particular credit card bin search needs. In this way, you can save money and yet tap the BIN database in the most effective manner .

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