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Born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois to parents Elias Disney and mother Flora Call Disney Walter E. Disney was the best thing that happened to show business in the last century. Walt's family moved to Marceline, Missouri after his birth where he was brought up in a farm. Drawing caught his imagination ever since he was seven years old and he sold his sketches to his neighbors. Family moved to Chicago again where Disney concentrated both on Drawing and Photography in his high school. He also attended the Academy of Fine Arts at night.

Walt was also attracted to the beauty of nature as he grew up and he began to love and appreciate it. Though his father was particularly opposed to his plans her mother and elder brother Roy encouraged him to pursue his dreams. Disney even tried to get into military service but was rejected because he was only 16 years of age and thus was underage to join military. But he joined Red Cross where he was sent to France and he spent a year there driving ambulance.

After returning from France he pursued a career in commercial art and even started a small company called Laugh-O-Grams which went bankrupt soon. This prompted him to go to Hollywood. It is said he had only one suitcase and with him when he went to Hollywood. His elder brother Roy was living in California, he pooled in 0 and they borrowed another 0 and constructed a camera stand. It didn't take a long wait before they received an order from New York to make the first Alice Comedy and they started producing cartoons in the rear of a real estate office in Hollywood. After successfully making Alice Comedies Walt became a famous figure in Hollywood.

Walt married one of his employees Lillian Bounds and they had two daughters. The cartoon film Mickey Mouse was created in 1928 and his talents were exposed to the world in a silent cartoon called Plane Crazy. The year coincided with the introduction of sound in movies just before the release of the cartoon. The cartoon character Mickey made its screen debut in Steamboat Willie which was the world's first fully synchronized sound cartoon. The cartoon premiered at the Colony Theater in New York on Nov. 18, 1928.

Walt was never content with his work and his quest for excellence made him introduce Technicolor in cartoons in 1932. He used multiplane camera technique in 1937. On December 21, 1937 Walt released the first full length animated musical film called "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" made at a whopping cost of .5 million. The animated film is still regarded as one of the rare feats of the motion picture industry.

Walt had a studio in Burbank constructed which was ready in 1940 and the employee count went up to 1,000 which comprised of artists, animators, story men and technicians. Disney used combine live action with the cartoon medium in 1945 in the musical "The Three Caballeros". Walt went to make many award winning cartoon films such as "True Life Adventure" series, "The Living Desert" and many more. Disneyland was launched in 1955 with a capital of million and the investment increased by 10 fold within a few years. Walt turned to social causes in 1965 and directed a film on Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow to improve the quality of urban life in America. But Walt Disney died on December 15, 1966 leaving many achievements and unfulfilled dreams behind him.

Walt Disney envisioned and had directed to purchase about forty three square miles of land, double the size of Manhattan Island in central Florida. It took about fifty months to complete the planning and construction of the Walt Disney World which was eventually opened to public on October 1, 1971. Walk Disney was truly a pioneer and visionary of many modern days' technologies. No wonder why he has received more than 950 honors and 48 Oscar awards and 7 Emmy awards. Truly this man stands out for his outstanding contribution to the improvement of art of cartoon making.


Unprecedented financial anxieties cannot be predictable, they can grip you at any time. When financial burdens grab you from all sides, you are unable to cope with your unexpected monetary expenses, in such circumstances urgent funds proves to be a source of monetary relief to the UK citizens .It is not at all wise to borrow funds from your friends or relatives as it bridges communication between you and them. Text loans are especially designed for the people residing in United Kingdom who need immediate cash in times of emergency.

These fiscal schemes act as a supporting tool for the UK citizens to get rid of financial worries. Meeting an unexpected medical expense, sudden breakdown of automobile, a holiday trip, arranging a marriage, school fees, or other payments of utility services or any other business purposes, these loans are best fitted. These financial schemes pave a rescue path to the people residing in United Kingdom.

These monetary schemes are available in two formats, secured and unsecured loans. These loans greatly enhanced the lives of the tenants, or all the people who lives on rent or the non homeowners who strive hard to meet their contingencies with their limited savings. A notable feature of this loan facility is that you do not have to pledge any collateral to avail these loans. These schemes are secured at higher rates of interest, but these loans are provided to you at competitive rates of interest in the loan market seeing your financial status.

A person trapped with financial credit disputes can also apply this loan facility without any distraction. These loans embrace all the loan-seekers including both the good credit and bad credit score. Late payments, bankruptcy, country court judgment, insolvency, involuntary agreement foreclosures have more to worry, these loans contributed a lot to improve your bad credit rating. No good or bad credit score stands as a barrier to attain this loan facility.

Text loans is a dynamic featured scheme for the people residing in United Kingdom to gain a better perspective to improve their degraded financial status .This loan scheme can be availed from your cell phone itself .To apply these loans you have to register your mobile number at the money lender's site .After fulfilling your registration, the lender will provide you a PIN number so that it will be easy for you to avail these funds .This loan facility can also be accessed via online and it is very simple. You have to fill an online loan form and after the submission of the application form the money will be transferred to your account within the next business hours.


When seeking a loan, applicants with poor credit histories usually fret over the chances of getting the thumbs up. But even a rock bottom credit score is not enough to see an application rejected. The reason why it is possible to get auto loans with bad credit scores is that credit histories are now often ignored completely.

The development of no credit check approval processes now means that even an applicant with a score of 350 can be approved, as long as the other key elements are in order. Bad credit usually means the interest rates are raised, and perhaps the size of the loan is reduced.

However, the important thing is that approval of the auto loan is made almost certain, thus ensuring a route towards much-needed finances to purchase your new car.

The Advantages of No Credit Checks

The availability of loans through no credit check procedures benefits practically everyone. As far as the borrower is concerned, the stress that can come with seeking an auto loan with bad credit can be by-passed. As long as their income and debt-to-income ratio are in order, approval is practically assured, so there are no sleepless nights.

As far as the lender is concerned, no credit check approval is a route to greater profits, with the risk from waiving their right to check entitling them to charge higher rates of interest. Of course, there is also the higher chance of loan default, but by and large, borrowers stick to their repayment schedule to help improve their own credit ratings anyway.

And in any case, the greater the number of auto loans approved by the lender, the greater the number of sources of income there are from which to increase revenue. So, from both perspectives, there are benefits to be enjoyed.

Loans to Consider

The two main types of loans available on the market are secured and unsecured loans. It is no secret that unsecured loans are generally harder to get approval on. The good news is that in applying for an auto loan with bad credit, there is already collateral provided in the form of the car being purchased.

This security makes the loan safe to a certain extent, and explains why, even with no credit check, approval is still forthcoming from lenders. They have something with which to be compensated in the event that the borrower defaults on the loan.

However, there is still the need to prove that repayments on the auto loan are affordable, and that the source of income can be relied upon. These two factors override the car as collateral, since lenders are happier to receive repayments on schedule rather than have to convert collateral into cash.

Finding the Best Loan

The fact that the best loan deals are available online is no great secret to anyone, so applying for an auto loan with bad credit online makes perfect sense. The range of loan options is actually quite extensive, ensuring there are terms to suit every financial situation. Comparison websites make the task of sifting through the multitude of offers simple and quick.

But that is not to say that traditional lenders should be ignored. If your relationship with your bank is good, then they may be able to provide a special deal. However, a no credit check approval process is not common. The advantage is that your bank already knows your financial situation and character already.

And remember, when securing a loan of any type online, not just an auto loan, it is important to check out the reputation of the lender on the Better Business Bureau website before agreeing to anything.

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Online payday loans make it easy for people to get access to quick cash when they need it. While the basic idea behind all of these payday loans is similar, there are a few different types for consumers to consider. Understanding the difference between these loans can help the consumer choose the best one for his situation. Here are some of the different types of payday loans that a consumer can find online.

Faxless Payday Loans

One type of payday loan that a consumer could pursue is a faxless payday loan. With this type of loan, the applicant does not have to provide any additional documentation via fax. With many payday loans, the applicant has to provide some kind of pay stub or other document that shows how much income he makes. With a faxless payday loan, the individual does not need to provide any other documentation. The payday lender simply takes the applicant at his word as far as how much money he claims he makes on a regular basis. These loans are very simple to get approved for, and they can speed up the process of getting the money.

Instant Approval Payday Loans

Another type of loan is the instant payday loan. As the name suggests, this type of loan provides approval almost right away after an application has been submitted. These payday loans are based on an automated approval process. Once the application has been submitted, the system looks for certain information to make sure that it is within the lending standards of the payday lender. As long as everything checks out, the applicant will be approved right away. At that point, the money from the payday lender can be transferred to the applicant's bank account within a short period of time.

Bad Credit Loans

Bad credit loans are also available for individuals who are interested in payday loans. With this type of loan, the applicant's credit history does not come into play. The lender does not look at the applicant's credit history. Instead, the lender simply verifies that the applicant makes enough money on a monthly basis to get approved. If the applicant's income is within a certain range, the lender will approve the loan. These loans are ideal for individuals who have been through a bankruptcy, a foreclosure or some other negative financial event.

Interest-Free Payday Loans

In some cases, consumers can find interest-free payday loans in the market. These are rare, but sometimes, payday lenders will offer a special promotion to try to get people involved with them. For example, they may offer a free one week loan for new customers. With this type of loan, the consumer can borrow up to a certain amount of money and then pay it back without any interest as long as the loan is paid back within a certain amount of time. This can provide the applicant with essentially free money as long as they pay it back in a timely manner. Other lenders may offer a free payday loan for small loans below a certain value. For instance, any loans under 0 may be free as long as they are paid back within the allotted time frame. This makes it easy for people to afford to be able to borrow money when they are in a tight financial situation.

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When buying a new car, a common issue is the way people pay for it. Most use car finance to pay for their vehicles. If you want to make the best deal, you will have to understand car finance and the intricacies of its processes.

When buying a vehicle there are a couple of aspects people think about: whether their future car will be a new one or a used one and where they will get the money from. Regarding the money, problems can be solved by obtaining the car finance from banks, credit unions, dealerships, or auto manufacturers. However, when considering buying an old car, one has to think of the differences between car finance for a new or for a used car and its advantages and disadvantages. People tend to favor new cars. If you are asking yourselves why? then you surely heard some attractive commercials. Most of the unbelievable offers are too good to be true, but they come with extra requirements like high down payments and very high interest rates. For a good deal, negotiation is the only adoptable strategy that will make room for more advantages and less terms and conditions.

Making a loan requires a copy of your credit report and a check of payment histories. The lender will verify every aspect of your financial background in order to give you car finance. Once you have all the paperwork done, gather information, ask the dealers for the best offer and use every detail to bargain.

Pre-Approved loans are better for your car finance because you can find near market rates. Start by looking for a good sub prime lender. Search the Internet, look at closing costs, fees, compare and use the APR number to get the overall cost. This car finance can save you money.

You can also use online loan applications from car finance companies to speed loan processes. Before choosing a car finance company you should compare prices and rates. The dealer will want to make the best for him and choose the appropriate car finance company.

Try not to let yourself be persuaded to buy the dealerships finance pack when you can make a better car finance deal elsewhere. You should calculate your APR and take into account how much the car costs in cash and if you have additional rates. Also see if car finance works for you and if you agree with the down payments and closing payments. Even if it seems complicated, it doesn't have to be if you educate yourself in car finance.

Car finance is a very important part of your credit-related decisions and you should be careful not to take offers that exceed your income. If you end up in a bad deal you will waste your money on unnecessary things and your car finance will lower your budget drastically. If you try to take your car finance from a bank, the disadvantage is that banks take a lot of time to process a loan. The disadvantage in dealership rates is that they cost more overall. You can also try the Internet for online car finance deals, but the offers have to be carefully analyzed before (not to be scams). Some people may even get your car finance information and use it in their own interest. A little research about the online car finance can save you a lot of trouble. However, if you choose online lenders, you will get low interest rates and save time and money.

To obtain the car finance you are looking for, it will take some time to research and find the appropriate solution for you. You have to know exactly what you want and, after that, be careful not to let salespeople convince you into a car finance deal that you don't want. Being familiar with car finance will enable you to go out and get the beast deal for you and your family.


Recently there was global meltdown, initially started with sub-prime crisis and subsequent collapse of financial and banking sector of USA, which led to shut down of major banks in USA and there raised a sort of unrest ,resulted in massive job cuts in private sector especially software field in which we are most dependent on overseas projects. All these consequences created a notion in people that there is no job security in recent times.

In spite of all these major things happening Banking Sector in India stayed robust. Now a day's banks went global and started operating in various branches around the world. The modern computerized techniques used in banking operations reduced the risk of making mistakes for the employees; in calculations, counting and maintaining data of different customers of the bank. Bank Probationary Officers as well as Bank Clerical jobs emerged as lucrative careers. Especially at this time of turbulence; bank jobs in public sector seem to be a safe bet. Bank jobs not only provide us good salaries but also provide us good social status.

Atleast above 70% would be a fairly good score. Applicants with commerce, financial and Math background have more chances for success rather than applicants with other backgrounds.

How to get Information about the Jobs:
As Jobs in the bank have been declared by the banks very frequently at this point of time, the aspirants are advised to visit the websites of respective banks for the upcoming bank exams section frequently, to check recruitment of bank Probationary Officers or Bank Clerks. Also visit various other sections of the website to know tips on how to prepare for bank exams, how to prepare for interviews, group discussions and written part of the bank exams. You can also visit various other links to know about the job, salaries, perks, roles & responsibilities of bank jobs.

State Bank of India, the largest bank of the country, having wide network of branches in India & abroad has announced another massive recruitment exercise. This time the bank has announced 1000 vacancies of Probationary Officers.

Punjab National Bank which is one of the leading public sector banks of the country has declared massive recruitment. The bank is having more than 5000 branches spread over all parts of the country. The bank has announced one of its biggest recruitment exercises of 6428 Clerks.
Information of few useful Books.

Magical Book Series: Money, Banking & Finance by N.K. Sinha

This is a very useful book for the preparation of banking interviews and reasonably priced. You will find lots of information in this book on banking and financial environment, important concepts, terminology, financial institutions, important policies etc. The book is covering most of the information on which questions are generally asked in banking interviews.

Apart from these books you should also take help from Competition Success Review which is such a good book for the preparation of interviews. Also refer to the section on Interview preparation in this website for some very useful tips and methods.

Basic eligibility for bank exams:
Age to be between 18 28 yrs, as on 01.01.2011; little variations may be there from bank to bank.

Completion of a Degree (any discipline) from a recognized university is a must.
Able to read/write & speak in languages mentioned by the banks that are recruiting; most commonly must be fluent in English & Hindi (sometimes local language of the place where the bank is located).

Knowledge in computer operations is required in most of the banks
After passing all the eligibility criteria and applying for the examinations. A Common Written Examination (CWE) will be conducted by the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) as a pre-requisite for selection of personnel for Probationary Officer/ Management Trainee posts/Bank clerks in the Public Sector Banks.

Pattern of the Common Written Examination for PO's:
Selection of PO's is made on the basis of performance in written test and interview. Sometimes group discussions are also included in selection process. The pattern of the written test is more are less similar in all the public sector banks. The written test includes objective and descriptive type of questions.
The candidates shall be required to qualify in each objective test as per the cut-off marks determined by individual banks. For wrong answers there is provision for the negative marking which is normally 1/4th i.e. one marks will be deducted for four wrong answers.

Objective tests include Test for general awareness, Test for English, Test for quantitative Aptitude and Test for reasoning. The test lasts for the duration of nearly 2 hrs and for 200-225 marks, 50 marks for each subject roughly, conducted in English and Hindi languages. Bank Clerical exams have Clerical Aptitude test in some of the banks.

Descriptive test include of 4 questions out of which the candidates are required to attempt 3 questions only. The test will be of 60 marks (i.e. 20 marks for each question). The test will be only qualifying and the marks obtained therein shall not be reckoned for preparing the merit list. The candidates shall have the option to answer the descriptive test either in English or Hindi. Selected candidates in the written test are called for interview and Group Discussion.
This is the General pattern of Bank PO Exams, however now-a-days each bank is coming up with slight difference in the pattern of exam. So, better keep a check on exact pattern for coming exams on an ongoing basis.

Preparation tips for Bank Exams:
Writing the bank exams with short term preparation at the moment of the exam does not workout. Serious preparation at least eight months before is needed. For an aspirant who is willing to get success in bank exams right strategy, planning and approach are essential for preparing. If you succeed in choosing a right approach and right study material to read half of your job is done. As these examinations are completely different from school and college examinations; we are supposed to get minimum qualifying marks in each section. We have to work on some basic and crucial concepts and should manage to get best study material available in the market.

First we have to prioritize all the sections of the test according to good scoring possibility; in the priorities reasoning should be on the top of the list, then follow General awareness, Quantitative aptitude and English respectively. English is just qualifying exam; so you can just attempt all the questions just to qualify. Before appearing the exam know whether English is qualifying or marks are counted. General awareness is an easy scoring subject (you can score more than 80%).This consists of mainly current affairs and happenings in India and around the world, in the past 6-8 months. You need to devote some time on regular basis reading current affairs from different News Papers and magazines and keep yourself current. Quantitative Aptitude part is a general and basic math which is not very hard. The only thing is you need a lot of practice on regular basis and exact and thorough understanding of the concepts clearly. Practice should be in such a way that you answer the questions in an accurate and quick manner. The most crucial and the part on which your success depends is Reasoning test. This is the toughest part of the exam for most of the aspirants. You should understand the concepts and solve the old model papers and it will be more useful if you solve more and more questions; because more or less similar questions based on certain concepts appear in most of the PO's question papers.

Descriptive part don't require more preparation, because any fairly good student can answer this part and more over it is only a qualifying exam. Most of the aspirants qualify in this exam very easily; so nothing to worry about Time management in the Exam.

Even though you know all the answers and solutions for all the questions; if you can't solve them in given time it is of no use. Therefore, presence of mind and time management are major Keys for your success. In quantitative aptitude and reasoning right from the beginning of practice, make it a habit to solve with in certain time limit. Rigorous practice not only improves your accuracy; but also accelerates your speed in arriving at genuine and correct solutions.

Most of your success depends on how you divide the time between different sections. Generally English and General awareness do not require more time, because most of the questions are direct and do not require more thinking or analysis. So, try to complete both the sections within 30-40 min maximum. The more time you save in both these sections can be used in solving other two sections. It is good to contribute 35-40 min; quantitative aptitude has direct application of shortcuts and formulas; which can be achieved by more practice. Maximum time of 60 min or more can be contributed to Reasoning test; because it needs logical and analytical thinking.

Time management gives you competitive advantage over the other aspirants, who are attempting the same exam. More over time management is always useful in all aspects of your life; may it be your career or any occasion. You will learn proper use of time; so that you will not be wasting your precious time on unnecessary things and this in turn helps you in prioritizing things.

If you really prepare well you can easily score 85% and above in math and general awareness and 80% is good percentage in reasoning test. If you get 70% you will have fairly good chances for an interview call and if you score overall 80%, you will definitely get an interview call.

Preparation for Interviews and Group discussion:
The aspirants have to prepare well ahead of time for interviews and group discussions; because it requires a good command over communication skills. Immense and regular practice makes you well worse in these aspects and no doubt improve your communication skills.

Few tips for interview: Keep specific answers for all the generally asked questions. Dress in a proper formal manner, look and be polite, answer in more pleasing and confident manner.Some of the commonly asked questions in the interview:
Tell me about yourself?
Why do you want to enter banking?
What significant trends do you see in the future in Banking Industry?
Explain how you would be an asset to this organization or why should we select you for this position?
What is your greatest strength and greatest weakness?
Do you think you are overqualified for this position?

Few tips for Group discussions: Here are few tips which give you cutting edge in group discussions as compared to other aspirants. Group discussion should be done in a very careful manner; because it is the way to test your communication skills, Leadership skills and your ability to work in teams.
Be polite with a slight smile on your face; have a positive approach over the topic you are speaking, this gives a good impression to the evaluators.
Initiating the discussion gets you an edge over others; but never ever initiates the discussion if you are not comfortable with the topic.

Do not speak in a hasty manner. Be, a good listener during the course of discussion. If you pay attention on what others are speaking, you can build upon the discussion and you can express your own views on the topic and you can even try concluding the topic. This builds up your image in the view of evaluators.

Be cool and never get indulged into arguments. If at all any arguments arise in due course accidentally; pacify them in a more matured manner by putting forth genuine views , so that other aspirants are soothingly persuaded.

If you prepare well in this sequence it is easy to crack the bank exams and come out in flying colors.

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Everyone who cheats and delves into the realm of infidelity leaves a trail of clues that can reveal them for the low lives they are. Signs your man is cheating can be everywhere you look if you know how to train your eye and your mind to pick up on the small things which can lead to larger things that can help you catch a cheating husband or boyfriend. So if you are asking "Is my husband cheating read on for 28 signs of infidelity you can look for!

1. Stays at work late
Spending more and more time at work for hours unaccounted for can be a sign of stolen time and perhaps stolen kisses and more.

2. He gets defensive when questioned
No one likes to be questioned about their faithfulness but if they were not cheating the defense would be more caring and less blustering and angry. Not only this but if questioning them about where they have been without mention of cheating provokes an outburst you have cause to worry.

3. Lack of intimacy
If your man suddenly wants less contact with you intimately from kisses and hugs to sex they may be getting what they need from another woman.

4. Change in appearance
If you boyfriend or husband suddenly starts taking more interest in how they look it may not be for you they are changing, men tend to change their hygiene and grooming habits to impress work ... or women.

5. Starts working out suddenly
Again like grooming an extreme change in their exercise habits especially if they have not been talking about it with you may indicate they want to impress someone.

6. Evidence of a woman
The old lipstick on the collar may be a dead giveaway but other clues can be found, a few long stray hairs in their clothes, the scent of perfume that is not yours small items in the car that are unexplained too often.

7. Lack of interest in family
If you have children and your husband is spending less time doing his fatherly duties and seems to lack all interest in his kids he may be chasing something more exciting than a family life.

8. Bank account oddities
If you get credit card bills with items that go unexplained or large amounts of cash taken out from ATMs to try to cover those expenses that could be spent on other women could be a sign of cheating spouses.

9. Lies
It does not need to be big obvious lies that show they were not where they said they were, it is not just the big "I am not cheating honey!" lie ... but the many small lies that accumulate over time to cover up their movements, behaviors and ultimately ... cheating.

10. Emails and more
How to catch a cheating husband has a lot to do with detective work and looking through their emails is almost par for the course when trying to catch a cheater. However have you also checked their instant message programs? Or their MySpace account? or Facebook? There are many digital forms of communication that leave an online paper trail you can follow and find evidence or irregularity.

11. Internet Cache
Another hi tech tip is to look at what your husband has been browsing on the net. Check their history of pages visited the cache where images and details are stored and so on. This can reveal dating sites, excessive pornography and worse.

12. Strange phone use
Another sign of infidelity from a man is how they behave on the phone, do they take their calls out of ear shot, and are they on the phone to "work" more than is believable?

13. Strange phone calls
On the other end of the spectrum do you receive calls from women who get "wrong numbers" or callers that hang up when you answer? People involved in an affair often try to contact each other despite the fact you are right there!

14. Strange numbers on his cell phone
Do you find numbers on his cell phone that come up often but you do not recognize, do they call out of work times often too? Cell phones are the best way to talk to your lover without your wife or girlfriend knowing.

15. Digital records too clean?
With phones, computers and the internet there is a massive amount of data you can investigate. Sometimes you may find absolutely nothing and while this might be a relief if it is "too clean" when all emails are deleted promptly, all SMS on the cell phone are deleted and all call information gone as well? Just like protesting too much at being questioned being paranoid about being found makes men become so cautious they leave clues by removing everything including the clues!

16. Guilt
The last signs your man is cheating can come from simply looking and sounding guilty! while some men are very good at keeping a poker face while sleeping around others will show signs of guilt and fear at being found out. It is hard to describe but the look in their eyes, the body language when talking to you or the family can all give away signs that should set your woman's intuition tingling and make you ask "is he cheating on me?".

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Getting rich isn't all about hard work. In fact hard work has got little to do with getting rich. It's not that I don't advocate hard work, I do. I love working hard but I especially like to see myself and others working smart. I know that getting rich and achieving success is not exclusively the domain of blood, sweat and tears. I've seen friends, work colleagues and family work themselves to the bone for little or no reward.

The Cult of Hard Work, Self-Sacrifice and The Golden Goose

There is a cult of self-sacrifice evident in our culture that warrants you to be extra busy, working super hard, and putting in crazy hours. When it comes to personal wealth building and attaining success, you're the golden goose. However, you can only push the golden goose so hard before he/she stops laying those golden eggs. Without exception every golden goose will eventually run out of energy, capacity or enthusiasm. Therefore, learning how to utilise Other Peoples Time, Money and Skills (i.e. leveraging) is a pre-requisite to becoming rich, building wealth and achieving success.

Other Peoples Money & Leverage

In general terms, getting access to Other People's Money (OPM) is a form of leverage that enables you to go beyond the limits of your own resources and instead apply resourcefulness to everything you do. In business terms, leverage is the key that differentiates self-employed person who owns a job from the business owner who own a business. In financial/investment terms it means getting access to cash that's not yours in order to buy assets that you control and that produce income.

What the Rich and Wealthy Have Know for Years

The richest and especially the wealthiest people in the world have known about leveraging Other People's Money for years. Everyone from Jean Paul Getty, Aristotle Onassis and Donald Trump have excelled at this wealth building principle numero uno. Their use of OPM to buys assets is legendary. Onassis in particular is known for having secured contracts to transport ore and oil in ships and tankers he didn't yet own and then going to the banks securing the loans to buy the ships and tankers using the contracts. A brazen and gifted deal-maker if there ever was one!
People go about building wealth or acquiring assets in different ways based on their background, past experiences and what they have been taught or know about money. For the most part people think of great riches and wealth as largely unattainable because of the model or mindset they have about money. What most people fail to understand is that you actually don't need money to make money. Sure it helps but what you really need is access to Other People's Money in order to make money.

The Benefits of Utilising Other People's Money

OPM buys you time; it enables you do things before you would otherwise be able to do them. It allows you participate in deals your own resources don't allow you to do. It enables you make choices you couldn't otherwise make. It takes the average person many, many years to accumulate wealth or build a business entirely from their own resources. By utilising the power of Other People's Money you can fast-track your personal wealth building or the growth of a business. Importantly, your personal wealth building is no longer limited to what you have been able to save and invest from your earned income.

Getting High on OPM Real Estate

Most people's typical first experience of using Other People's Money is when they take on a mortgage to buy their home. Typically, their initial down-payment combined with their contract of employment that demonstrates their ability to produce future income is enough for them to secure a mortgage loan against home. Unfortunately your home is not an asset, well it is, but it's the bank's asset as they are making income from the loan advanced, not you. If you can get a bank to advance you a mortgage loan so as to purchase an investment rental property (an asset) whereby you get to retain what remains of the rental income after you pay the mortgage, then you have used Other People's Money to buy and asset to produce income. In order to secure this loan you need to demonstrate to the bank that you are a safe bet. They will typically want to see that you have at least 20% of the purchase price as a down-payment and sufficient net income being generated by this asset and other sources to ride out any changes in interest rates, rental void periods etc.

Getting High on OPM Business

In business, entrepreneurs and business owners get access to Other People's Money when they write a business plan which they present to a business agent or venture capitalist i.e. investors. This process is known as raising capital. In return for the money (known as capital) received the investor who provided the capital typically receives equity (i.e. shareholding) in the business. Money can also be borrowed from a bank and the bank is repaid the principal and also receives interest on the loan. It's the business owner's job to put this capital to good use; to produce products or services that generate sales revenue to pay back the loan and, of course, all the other expenditures of the business.
Other People's Money is always available and accessible to a greater or lesser extent depending on overall market conditions. Your first responsibility as an entrepreneur or investor seeking capital is to understand and inform yourself as to the multiple sources of OPM and numerous deal structures that utilise OPM.

Jumping Through the Window of Opportunity

Finally, the chief take-away from all this talk about Other People's Money is that rather than saying to yourself I can't afford to start a business or I don't have the money to invest in that deal you now know there are no real excuses or limitations. Not that using Other People's Money is without its pitfalls. Like every financial transaction there are inherent risks. Firstly, you are liable to repay the capital borrowed and generally provide an agreed additional return to the investor. However, that's not up for discussion here. The key thing for now is to realize that you can always get access to Other People's Money to enable you participate in deals and do things you previously thought weren't possible. You can start jumping through the window of opportunity when it's open...and as you begin implementing this principle of Other People's Money into your business and personal wealth building endeavours you begin to realise its open all the time!

Friday, January 24, 2014


Are you an ex-offender looking for job opportunities for felons? When it comes to searching for jobs for felons, you need to understand two things: yourself and the job market. If you don't want to get stuck working at low-paying jobs for felons you need to acquire skills that are in high demand. One of the hottest jobs for felons is in the field of study right now is visual communications.

What is visual communications?

As the name itself suggests, visual communications is transmitting or communicating messages through visual media like signs, drawings, graphic designs, illustrations, animations and other such media.

Graduates of graphic communication programs are skilled in the design and production of both digital and print media that are used in corporate and public communications. Their work typically involves creating and designing print and multimedia communications. Many work as graphic designers and web designers.

This career is suitable for people who are creative and visually artistic. Since you will be working with clients to either draw attention to a message or to sell products, you need to be the type of person who is easy to talk to and can translate abstract ideas into concrete visuals. This type of job also requires a person who is outgoing. People who are too shy to talk in public will find it hard to present and sell their work to clients.

In visual communications, computers and software are the main tools you will be using everyday. This means that you should be the type of person who is willing to keep on learning. You will have to master different types of media or software as the current tools become outdated and newer technologies become popular.

Visual communications is a good career path for ex-felons because this is one field where people will care more about what you can do for them now than what you have done in the past.

Most graphic designers and web designers work freelance, which means that you can be your own boss. That's why there are numerous job opportunities for felons in visual communications. Your felony will be irrelevant because almost none of your clients will do background checks since you won't be employed by them you will be self-employed.

How does that work?

The majority of both small and big businesses do not need the services of a visual artist or designer daily so they will not have a designer on their payroll. Instead, they will just hire a freelance designer whenever they need a new design for a logo, advertisement, product packaging, website, online store, etc.

You, as a freelance graphic communications expert, will hire yourself out to many different clients and you will be paid according to the tasks or projects that you finish.

The main advantage to freelance job opportunities for felons is that you can enjoy a lot of freedom and flexibility in your work week. You will be your own boss and manage your projects independently.

If this prospect does not appeal to you, there is also the option of working a regular job at companies or organizations that do need designers daily. The companies that hire visual and graphic communications graduates are advertising firms, magazines, newspapers, book publishers, online news media companies, film studios, computer game design companies, etc.

Jobs for Felons: How to Get a Job in Visual Communications

Although it is certainly possible to teach yourself the basics of visual communications, employers and clients prefer people who have a certification, diploma or degree in visual communications.

When choosing a school and a visual and graphic communications program, examine the course description to see what it will focus on. Then choose the one that best fits your interests and goals. For example, if you are interested in multimedia 3D animation, choose a visual communications program that has basic and advanced animation subjects.

Schools generally offer short-term certificate programs, two-year associate degrees and four-year bachelor's degree programs. If you graduate from a shorter program then you can get a job faster but you will probably have to start with the lower-paying jobs. A bachelor's degree may help you start with the higher-paying jobs after graduation, especially if you want to work for the big companies.

In closing, visual communication jobs for felons are the best choice for people who are artistic, creative and outgoing. You will need a diploma or degree in visual communications to get the best jobs for felons. The main advantage to visual communication jobs for felons is that there are many job opportunities for felons available that pay well.

Thursday, January 23, 2014


You would think it would be easy to get people to admit that they want to be rich and then take action, wouldn't you? But no, people are very worried about firstly admitting they want to be wealthier, and then very fearful of taking action. So, as a Wealth Coach, I usually prefer to talk about Financial Intelligence rather than Wealth Creation.

In order for people to get excited enough to make the leap and join The Money Gym, we have to talk about becoming a millionaire, and the millionaires we have helped create, because most people can't often be bothered for anything less.

Unless there are guaranteed results and they are big and compelling enough, people often don't want to pick up a book turn off the tv, go to workshops and learn anything new, certainly not for anything less than millions. And they want it quick too!

Really, Wealth Creation and Financial Intelligence are very similar animals, but Wealth Creation needs to be underpinned by Financial Intelligence, otherwise the wealth will go the way of the wealth of most lottery or competition winners up the Swanee, spent on fast cars, big houses, champagne and very unsuitable companions!

Actually I just described my old age, if you add in long holidays in the caribbean, purple velour shell suits, with lurid hair to match, lots of bling and unfeasibly high gold sandals.

However, rather than my frittering away my kids inheritance, my old age will be funded from ever renewing wealth, because I will have finally graduated in Financial Intelligence 101 by then.

I'll come back to the kids inheritance later.

How can you train your brain to think in a Financially Intelligent manner? I like to think of Financial Intelligence as a platform on which you build your wealth. And like any platform, it needs to have a sturdy support, which I think of as....The Four Pillars of Financial Intelligence .


Pillar One is "Managing Your Mind" where you discover where you are now financially, your family history with money, where your beliefs, behaviours and attitudes to money have often come from.

Then you must look at your abundance versus your scarcity thinking and learn how to monitor that carefully because that old scarcity thinking will pop up when you least expect it.

Whenever you find yourself thinking "I can't afford it" then you need to beware! You are getting into the wrong mind set and closing yourself off to ideas.

Think instead "how could I afford it?"


Pillar Two is "Managing Your Money" and covers budgeting, cashflow management and projections, credit management and debt busting. Knowing the difference between good debt and bad debt (and if you don't know the difference then you need to read "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki fast!).

Learning how to pay yourself first rather than paying Starbucks, Vodaphone, your local curry house, Sainsburys, Egg, Total Petrol, and the list goes on


Commercial Real Estate Projects are, in many respects, the same as residential real estate investments except for their size. A commercial develpoment may well be many times larger in scale and thus require much more money. In this article we examine three of the most significant non-financial issues that an investor should consider before investing in a commercial real estate deal.

1) Selection of tenants
Given that most real estate investors are buying property to generate cash flow and generate profit from asset appreciation some time looking at the tenant mix of a commercial building can determine the potential profitability of a project.
Seeking creditworthy tenants may well assist in gaining finance on good terms from potential lenders - many lenders will make an offer that is based upon the credit rating of the larget tenant. So, finding a project with creditworthy tenants - or, at least, the expectation of finding them is a priority. Analysis of the tenant mix with a view to optimising it is an important part of the buying process.

2) Property Zoning
Success in real estate investment has much to do with land zoning. If zoning should change during redevelopment of a property then there will be significant additional costs associated with changing the use of the property to meet the new regulations. Due diligence is the key here. Hire a real estate attorney to check on the property to find out if there is a likelihood of re-zoning and other legal issues. Use the attorney to check that, for example, all necessary accesses are available and that rights of way have been established and any development will not cause rights of way conflicts.

3) Check Utilities
A thorough inspection of all utilities and their condition is mandatory. Reinstalling electrical systems and piping can be very costly and any defect should be factored into the offer price. In the worst cases, where pipes and wires are emebedded in walls, ceilings and underfloors the cost of renovation may make a project non-viable without complete demolition.

So, spend some time with an appropriate legal advisor, check and optimise the tenant mix and ensure that utilities are in serviceable condition. Although these factors may not be an immediate part of the financial considerations they should be as shortcomings in due diligence can prove expensive and, of course, issues uncovered should be reflected in the purchase price of the property.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Unquestionably, real estate investments can become large payoffs, but to avoid the risks of fickle markets you need to be prepared to do a lot of groundwork and legwork. It really is correct that with significant potential risks can come excellent returns and for several investors owning a physical investment has its advantages. Below are some tried and tested tactics for converting real estate investments into gold mines.

Should you have handyman skills and access to an excellent carpenter who can give you advice, you are able to make a healthy return on a home that need some small improvements. If you have handyman abilities and access to a good carpenter who can advise you, you'll be able to make a healthy profit on a home that requires some minor renovations. You will then be capable of factor this price into the final purchase price and use it as a bargaining chip with the vendor.

In case you do purchase a home that requirements work the very best thing to do is start immediately. For one point, you usually discover previously unseen issues that demand additional care. You could also discover potential problems that may be fixed ahead of time prior to they result in long run repairs.

Without a doubt, the low expense of foreclosure properties attracts many interested buyers, creating a very competitive industry. Consequently, you need to develop a system that permits you to give consideration to numerous properties all together instead of concentrating on just one. As this minimizes your chances for a deal you should be looking at a number of houses concurrently as a way to increase your odds.

The cost of a property is not only determined by its present condition, the neighborhood real estate sector also takes on a huge element in assessing the all round value. For that reason, you have to fully grasp the advantages and disadvantages of any neighborhood you're contemplating to make certain you are not overpricing or undervaluing the house. This can be where the expertise of a real estate adviser will be very helpful as they'll be able to give detailed pricing statistics about the region.

Any time you are choosing a real estate agent it really is best to go with somebody that is an neighborhood specialist and one which you feel you can operate well with. Buying a home can be an emotional adventure and you'll need to rely on your agent to keep you focused. Once you are within the final steps of negotiating you will be happy you have a specialist on your side.

In no way forget that you're purchasingan investment property to resell it for profit. If you are remodeling the residence you need to be considering what prospective purchasers inside your location are seeking so you do not invest money on house improvement projects that can not add worth to the property.

Never believe, nevertheless, that possessing an excellent Realtor means you don't have to do the research by yourself, it is nevertheless your responsibility to research and examine all elements of any real estate deal ahead of placing your signature to on the bottom line. However, in the event you can establish a realistic teamwork mindset with your Realtor, you'll be able to expect to reap fantastic returns out of your real estate purchases.

Copyright (c) 2013 Steven Johanssen

Monday, January 20, 2014


Most traders have heard of seasonal patterns, something which is mostly associated with commodities. The foreign exchange market also has calendar patterns which influence trading, and just like in commodities, traders can take advantage of them to improve their odds for success and profits.
Monthly Patterns
Nearly all currency pairs have one or more months during which they have a directional tendency. There are three pairs in particular which have traded in the same direction during a particular month at least seven years in a row. AUD/JPY has risen in January, while USD/CAD has fallen in June and USD/JPY has dropped in August. In each case, the moves have been significant. Let's take a look at USD/JPY as an example.
On average, USD/JPY has declined over 325 points each year since 1999 in the month of August, which translates to 2.80%. While the percentage does not seem extraordinary, when one takes leverage in to consideration, it is a different story. Had one shorted 100,000 USD/JPY at the start of each August and closed that position out at the end of the month, the total profit would have been in excess of ,000 (not taking in to account interest carry). That is an outstanding return considering the margin requirement for a position like that is only ,000. And this does not even consider compounding!
Weekday Patterns
For the short-term trader, there are also patterns of behavior which are based on weekdays. It is a little more complicated, however, than just saying buy or sell on Monday, for example. A secondary condition must be applied, which can be accomplished using the month. The result is patterns which take place on certain weekdays during a given month.
An example of this kind of pattern is GBP/USD on Mondays in December. The pound has risen 73% of the time on Monday during the last month of the year since 1999 (31 observations). The average move has been 40 pips. Assuming a 5 pip spread, a trader who entered traded this pattern over the last seven years would have booked over 1000 pips in profits, which translates to more than ,000 if one took positions of 100,000 GBP/USD each time.
Trading the Patterns
The examples outlined above are just a couple of the patterns which can be found in the forex market. There are many worth incorporating in to one's trading. Obviously, one strategy which could be employed is a simple enter-and-hold based on the pattern for a given month or weekday. That, however, does leave one open to the both in-trade draw downs, some of which can be substantial, and the simple fact that patterns do not always repeat every time, and sometimes change.
An alternative to enter-and-hold is to use calendar patterns to bias one's trading. For example, a day trader could look for opportunities to buy in to weakness in GBP/USD on Mondays in December. Similarly, a swing trader could use short-term breakdowns to enter in to short trades in USD/JPY during August.
The trader looking to employ forex calendar patterns must utilize the same good risk procedures as are always necessary. This applies regardless of the strategy employed.

Sunday, January 19, 2014


Bookkeeping is a tedious and time intensive task which demands precision and focus. Working with numbers is never easy and it is difficult to methodically maintain books and ledgers, while managing the day to day office jobs. Hiring the actual support of the full time bookkeeper to maintain your own financial statements is a solution. Nevertheless, it can exercise to become very costly, as a qualified bookkeeper is not inexpensive to hire. Bookkeeping is a job that should be carried out as the company fiscal reports need to be in position. Moreover, it is 1 job that can't be ignored. So what do you do? Thankfully, with the advent of computers and also the web, this task can be created easy, as you can hire the support of an On the internet Accountant to do the job for you. An Online Accounts is really a qualified individual that may efficiently do the job and may look after all of your accounting needs.

Online accounting has 2 basic elements - A remote bookkeeper and online accounting software program. Like a customer you have a choice of opting for either. However, it would be strategic company practice to have the services of each.

The advantages of employing a web-based Accountant with regard to bookkeeping and tallying your fiscal reports are as follows -

1. Start-up price is low - There is no need to buy the program or even agonize more than information backups. A PC with an active web connection is all that is required.

2. There is no need with regard to upgrading the machine.

3. The actual accounting service is really a fully incorporated online service and the companies are efficient and can handle all your financial requirements, from managing individual accounts statements in order to company tax etc.

4. The price of employing an Online Accountant is actually under getting a nearby accountant. In fact, the expertise of a complete online time Accountant could be hired for less than 50% the rate of the full time regular accountant.

5. The internet Accountant is capable of doing taking care of all of your bookkeeping requirements, for example, year-end accounts conclusion, submitting of personal evaluation tax results and partnership tax returns as well as providing year round totally free advice on just about all financial issues.

6. The internet bookkeeping providers that provide On the internet Accountant support offer an add-on package which includes controlling information backup for the critical information on the every day as well as consistent basis. These websites scan images and keep them within their safe servers and can be utilized any time in the future, should the information kept in workplace will get lost.

The online accounting support is ideal for smaller businesses as well as somebody beginning a new venture. The accountants tend to be diligent and perform a meticulous job. The support is as expert as a normal accountant has to offer. The only distinction is that the accountant isn't physically existing. However, communication isn't a problem because the communication stations will always be open. You are able to communicate with the accountant via, e-mail, reside talk, telephone calls, Skype along with other online communication channels.

With the a lot to provide on the internet outsourcing is fast-becoming the new method, companies are looking at to get work done.

Saturday, January 18, 2014


Variable Life Insurance

One of the more popular forms of life insurance out there is variable life insurance. But why is this complex form of life insurance gaining such popularity, and how can it benefit your financial foundation? Understanding Variable Life Insurance

Variable life insurance is a form of whole (or permanent) life insurance. That means that once you have had a policy approved and issued it will offer you insurance benefits for your entire life as long as you pay the premiums in full and on time. Even if your health starts to take a downturn or your weight increases, no changes will occur within your policy.

When you pay premiums for variable life insurance, you are not just paying for the cost of insurance but also for the "cash value" which is the portion of the premium that accumulates within the policy to offer a pool of funds that can increase your death benefit, provide tax free loans, give you a value should you decide to terminate the policy and create a reserve pool of funds to pay your premiums. The Variable Portion

The aspect that makes variable policies actually variable is the subaccounts that the cash accumulation portion of your premiums are invested in. These subaccounts are similar to mutual funds in that they are created by a group of investments, like stocks, that can provide a return on the funds that are deposited into them.

To understand this, think of your premium as serving two purposes. Part of it serves the purpose of paying for your actual cost of insurance-the actual death benefit that the life insurance policy provides. The cost of this benefit depends on your age and health when you buy the policy because they are directly related to your risk.

The second portion of your premium is applied to the cash accumulation (or cash value) in your policy. These funds are invested in the stock market by way of the subaccounts you choose and they value can increase or decrease depending on the performance of the underlying assets within the subaccounts.

This is what makes a variable life insurance policy both risky and rewarding. The subaccounts offer more risk than a fixed return would, but they also offer the opportunity for much more return-just as actually investing in the stock market could. But more importantly, no matter how poorly your subaccount investment return is, you will always have the death benefit as long as you pay your premium in full and on time.

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Friday, January 17, 2014


Bin in bin amex refers to bank identification number which can be used to figure out a lot of information about the bin amex card holder with the help of bin. The information that can be collected just by providing input of bin consists of the bin amex card issuing bank name, country of the issuing bank, check funding type for the account holder such as debit, credit or prepaid. Bin in bin amex can also be used to determine the subtype of the card such as electron, classic, gold, platinum, business or any other subtype. The bin also provides the information the brand that has validated the card such as visa bin, master bin, American express bin or bin amex.

Looking For Bank Identification Number (Bin) In Bin Amex Cards

Bin refers to the bank identification number that is provided on each and every bin amex card that is manufactured and can be used in order to access the information about the type, owner status and other necessary information about the account holder. Every bin amex card has certain numerals that are imprinted on its front, whether it is a chip card or card having a magnetic strip at its back. The first six digits of these numerals imprinted at the front of the bin amex card altogether is considered as the bank identification number of the card and also offers protection against the frauds.

Information Provided By Bin Amex Cards

Bank identification numbers by Bin Amex cards can be used to find the country of issuing bank by using search option for card issuing bank in the bin database. Bin Amex cards can also provide other information such as check funding type of the bank, i.e. whether it is debit, credit or gift card. It also helps in determining the subtype of the card such as electron card, classic card, business card or any other card. Additional bin information provided by the bin database also include city, phone number and website of the bank and other information regarding the validating brand such as visa, American express or bin amex card.

Bin Amex - Another Step Towards Fraud Prevention

Bin in the bin amex card offer valid information on the card thereby disclosing the information of the card whether it is maestro card, visa card or any other type of card; thus, allowing every online merchant to throw more light on the person offering a card to him and the original user of the card. If stretched, information about the original owner is provided to everyone about the bin amex card holder, but then it can also lead to misuse of the provided information. Thus, the use of these websites providing such information for free just by entering the bank identification number is strictly limited on the daily basis. Proper care of the information that is provided by the bin amex is also properly considered and given sufficient attention such that the confidential information of the owner is not disclosed un-necessarily to anyone that might lead to any misuse and harm to the owner.

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Basically, the job of an environmental lobbyist involves persuading politicians on the local and national levels, in both the legislative and executive branches of government, to pass laws, policies and regulations for a cleaner environment. And in these times pervaded by the rule of law, it is very important to effect change within the law!

The career outlook for an environmental lobbyist is good. They make on average - thousand a year.

Green Job

When an environmental legislation is passed, virtually all sectors of society will be affected in one way or another. Thus, whenever said law provides for a cleaner, better and healthier environment, the job of an environment lobbyist becomes a truly green one.

Demands of the Job

As an environmental lobbyist, an individual will be required to socialize, discuss and persuade legislators, government executives, private sector leaders and other environmental groups to the organization's point of view. As such, it is one of the most exciting, most rewarding and most stressful green jobs on the planet!

Depending on the organization for which an environmental lobbyist works for, the following job responsibilities may be expected: o Advocacy Work - Call the attention of policy makers about environment problems as well as present solutions for them. This may also involve persuasion to the organization's platform in relation to the problem and solution being presented. o Campaign Work - Create a campaign strategy to raise public awareness, build coalitions with other environmental organizations, organize grassroots movements, secure VIP endorsements and formulate focused messages. o Media Outreach - Tap into the power of broadcast, print, radio, and online media to strengthen environmental campaigns as well as to raise public awareness of environmental issues under advocacy. o Fundraising Activities - Raise money for organizational activities through grants, donations and even loans.

In accordance with these responsibilities, an environmental lobbyist often needs to be highly knowledgeable about existing policies about specific issues, currents trends and updates in environmental policies, and social and political factors affecting the organization's advocacy, to name a few.

The pressures of the job are well worth the salary, which can range from ,000 to ,000 depending on company policies, location, educational attainment, work experience, and network of contacts, among other things.

Most environmental lobbyists enjoy generous employee benefits that include health care coverage, retirement plan, educational loan assistance as well as paid vacation and sick days. Travel, career advancement and training opportunities may also be offered. Again, various factors come into play when it comes to employee benefits, just like in employee salary.

Qualifications of the Job

On the professional side, an environmental lobbyist must possess a four-year degree course preferably in political science, environmental science and social sciences. Take note, however, that almost any bachelor degree will do since experience matters most in this line of work. And speaking of work experience, it must be focused on work related to politics and policy, legal and social settings, and even journalism as it relates to the environment, with a minimum of 3-8 years actual exposure.

On the personal side, passion and persistence, determination and drive, good oral and written communication and negotiation skills, and good interpersonal skills, to name a few, are highly desirable.

So, when you believe that you have the passion to institute change in government and in society as it relates to environmental issues, a career as an environmental lobbyist is a path well worth taking.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


If you require a tiny amount of financial assistance a cash advance can be an enormous benefit. There are times though that it is important to get as much help as plausible in order to move back on target and many instances this implies learning how to circumvent the trap of a cash loan in order to possess the best economic answers plausible. Being stuck in the cycle of repeated check advances could be an enormous pull on your finances and it is possible to really destroy your finances extremely rapidly.

One of the most critical things to remember when you are utilizing a cash advance is you have to be certain that your budget is being properly controlled. If you are wasting money on wasted expenses then it is frequently extremely hard to avoid each of the needs that you posess for a bit of temporary money. Knowing that your budget is tugged hard makes it extremely complicated to really get all of the cash you need together to avoid the utilization of a payday advance.

With the rather expensive charges that are linked with a paycheck loan it is critical that you do your absolute best to pay the advance off as rapidly as plausible. With costs that average about for each 0 that you borrow, the costs of rolling over the loan continuously could quickly balloon out of handle. It is extremely important to your budget that the paycheck advance be repaid as fast as possible. Having the money required to pay off the advance is often not easy to find, but getting the cash together speedily could save you a ton ultimately.

While it might appear like a wonderful idea to repeatedly run out and acquire a paycheck advance it could do some serious destruction to your finances after a span of time. The money that you are spending on payday loan charges typically have a much better place where they could be beneficial in your budget. Obtaining a strong grip on your budget can spare you much of the paycheck loan fees that you are normally spending out. This acts to help you at getting your finances back on track. While the money that a check advance offers could be quite helpful, it is a complication when you are repeatedly renewing the loan because you are experiencing a horrible lack of cash due to the costs assessed.

One of the final considerations that you have to remember is only acquiring the bare lowest sum that you require. If you are getting money when you truly don't need it you run a danger of getting yourself deeply into debt. It is very crucial to instead take your time and make certain that you are only obtaining what you really require. One of the biggest mistakes that consumers make is obtaining far more than they need or borrowing money when they don't really have to borrow cash. Bypassing this lure is important to your financial survival, if you waste time by merely borrowing money when you don't require it, the results to your finances can be devastating. It is extremely important to keep a careful look on your budget to be sure you are picking wise choices.

Monday, January 13, 2014


If you have outstanding private as well as federal student loans, to take advantages that each has to offer, when you consider consolidation you should do them separately. Federal loans usually have lower interest rates, so consolidating them is another sort of ball game.

Consider That They Are Rolled Into One

The amount of your consolidation loan is not a big issue, it simply reflects the amount you need to pay off all of your private student loans. This is a figure you have probably had in the back of your mind anyway. It is what the cost will be so you will have a new single payment. But, understand, that the single loan will probably require far less for each monthly payment than you are making for the sum of two or more other loans that you may be presently carrying.

Consider The Benefits

What you are basically doing is having one payment, to one lender, on one day of the month, at one interest rate, at one payoff date. Having different payment amounts, to different lenders, due on different days of the month, at different interest rates, with different pay off dates, well, you will save money on postage and envelopes alone.

Consider Your Weighted Interest Rate

Speaking of interest rates, if you have been paying your various loans regularly, you should be able to get an interest lower than that of your various loans. If you have improved your credit rating by just 50 points, you should be eligible for more competitive rates. Online you can find weighted interest rates calculators that will give you an average of the interest rate among loans you are presently carrying. This will help you negotiate a reasonable interest when you go for your private student loan consolidation.

Consider Your Current Lenders

Although it is prudent to shop around for the best rates on consolidating your private student loans, you may want to speak to one of your loan holders you are presently paying. They may be more than willing to work with you. Nevertheless, be armed with quotes from other lenders so you have some ammunition when you negotiate the consolidation. Actually, no matter who you negotiate with, it is good to have quotes from others.

Consider a Home Equity Student Loan Payoff

Another way to pay off all your outstanding private student loans would be getting a home equity loan. If you have considerably equity in your home, you could borrow against that equity to pay off any standing student loan amounts. One good thing about this approach is that you can usually lock in an interest rate rather than having to deal with a variable interest rate that is somewhat common in the student loan consolidation market.

Consider the Future

Just because a lender may agree to consolidate you student loans, do not let them think that they are doing you a favor. It is the other way around. You are doing them a favor by giving them your business. Before you sign anything, make sure the terms, rates, and conditions are comfortable. Once you get your private student loans cornered and manageable, you will want to start thinking of ways to reduce the burden of any federal student loans you may be struggling with.


How does one look for rentals in Toronto NSW? First decide on the budget that you have in mind as this will make it easier for you to narrow down the list. You have to ensure that you keep within the budget as things can go haywire if sudden unexpected expenses crop up and you are unable to meet the finances. Try to come up with a realistic figure and remember that you should not get carried away with a home and select one that is comfortable and livable.

You may have a small family to take care of and therefore look for an apartment or condo that has just enough rooms. Inspect the place to check if all the other criteria are right as you should not have to spend extra on fittings, storage space and repairs. Try to locate the best real estate agent in the area who has access to various rentals in Toronto NSW and let him know when you decide on any particular one. Remember that the real estate agent will be representing you and negotiating on your behalf. He should be licensed and experienced with carrying out the necessary paper work and guiding you on the right path. If he is a reputed agent, you will find that he works with you and takes care of your needs by ensuring that you save some money in the process.

If you come across a house for sale in Vaughan when you are going through the listings, you may be tempted to check it out. Perhaps you have money stashed away for your dream house or your agent might have educated you on how to pay the mortgage rates, seek a loan etc to get you started. Carefully consider the various issues that can crop up if you are unable to pay up the loans regularly. Once you decide that you can go ahead with the purchase of a home, inform the real estate agents and they will work successfully to ensure that you are going to get your dream home.

Due to recession and unemployment in the recent years, many people have had to give up their homes due to the inability of paying back the loans. Look at foreclosure homes if you are interested in a house for sale in Vaughan as there are many in the area. You may have to talk to a lawyer or financial consultant and meet bank officials. All this is possible if you have a trusted realtor such as Schuren Sriskandarajah by your side. He will be able to check out the fine print and let you know if you are making the right move. It may be possible that you can negotiate the price with the owner who would normally keep a cushion for moving his price downward. Once you have made a pact with the owner, the real estate agent will see you through the negotiation and you will soon be the proud owner of a home in Vaughan.

Sunday, January 12, 2014


The Insolvency Service has ordered Eco Global Markets to be put into provisional liquidation on public interest grounds. The petition was brought on behalf of Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) at Manchester Crown Court. The court has now appointed an administrator, who will help protect the company's assets, including third party funds and financial records on behalf of its creditors.

Investigators have been looking for some time at the activities of the firm and its offering of carbon credits as a lucrative investment product. Carbon credits are certificates given to business operators that allow them to release a certain amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Investing in carbon credits involves trading these certificates but many buyers are unaware that there are two types certified emission reductions (CERs) and voluntary emission reductions (VERs). UK investors are primarily offered VERs which are worthless on the open market because they are a voluntary standard and not officially recognised.

In the past couple of months the Financial Services Authority (FSA) has added 13 new firms to its list of companies suspected of mis-selling carbon credits.

Market for Carbon Credits Plunges

On Thursday last week the price of carbon credits dropped by 40 percent within a thirty-second trading period before regaining most of its losses. It hit a low of 2.81 per metric ton of carbon and rebounded back to 4 at the end of the day. The price remains far below the 20 to 30 price range that analysts believe is required to spur the type of clean investment needed by industry to reduce carbon emissions.

The European Trading System (ETS) that allows investing in carbon credits has become nearly irrelevant. A company that is ideologically opposed to the ETS scheme preferred to pay .4 million (892 million) more than it needed to meet its carbon obligations instead of engaging in carbon credits trading. The firm could have taken advantage of the a tonne price per carbon credit on May 31, but instead it made the standard payment per tonne to cover its dues for 73,575 tonnes of emission. According to sources of website Carbon News, the company is in the mining business and has implemented a firm policy of not taking part in the carbon market.

Saturday, January 11, 2014


A Home Loan Modification can help you stop foreclosure and stay in your home. But if you're like most homeowners, you're probably wondering how it will affect your credit, and whether in a good or bad way. Unfortunately, there's no single answerit all depends on how far behind you are and the kind of Loan Modification you'll be granted.

Best-case scenarios:-

Technically, since you're not borrowing any money, a home loan modification won't hurt your credit score. If you're paying less in interest, you have a smaller debt burden. And since most lenders prefer an interest rate reduction, there's a pretty good chance that a Home loan modification will improve your credit score.

The implications are even better if your lender forgives part of the principal, although this is less common. If they write off ,000 from your loan amount, it will show up on your report as a smaller loan, which can increase your credit score.

The lender facto:-

Unfortunately, it doesn't always happen that way. It also depends on how your lender reports the home loan modification to the credit bureaus. Many of them will consider it paid for less than the original amount owed, which will count against your score. If you're already in foreclosure, the impact on your credit can be substantial. Of course, compared to a short sale or a foreclosure, a Mortgage Modification is still the best way to maintain your credit standing.

Tax implications:-

One of the early problems with Loan modification is that the amount forgiven is usually taxable. That means if your debt is reduced by ,000, the IRS views it as income and imposes the corresponding tax. This can catch homeowners off guard during tax season, as many of them don't know the tax implications at the time of the modification.

To avoid such incidents, the IRS announced in 2007 that Loan modification would no longer be classified as prohibited transactions. This applied to all loans originated from January 2004 to July 2007, the peak of the sub-prime boom, and those due to adjust from January 2009 to July 2012. If your mortgage falls under these categories, you won't have to file a 1099 declaring the change as taxable.

A loan modification is much like going to court: you can save your money and get a court-appointed lawyer, or you can invest in professional representation and get the best mortgage assistance. Your loss mitigation won't happen overnight, but if with a capable Loan Modification Attorney, you can be sure you're in good hands.

Thursday, January 9, 2014


The form of dormant investment is quiet frequent now in economic life, which is beneficial to gather the idle funds for social production, resolving the operator's pressure for fund demand, and promoting economic development. At the same time, however, the legal protection on the interests of dormant investor is still not clear-cut for the reason that China has not established the system of dormant shareholders so far. This article aims to introduce the meaning of dormant investor,the conditions which can authenticate the identity of dormant investor and the ways to achieve the protection on their rights and interests.

Dormant investor refers to the actual investors who set up company or invest under written or verbal agreement in the name of others, and are not documented by commercial registration, on register of shareholders or on any other publicity materials, in order to circumvent the law or due to some other reasons.

Correspondingly, nominal investors, whose names are recorded in publicity materials, yet do not invest in practice. According to Paragraph 4 of Article 33 of the Company Law, "Company shall register the names of shareholders and the amount of capital contributions of the shareholders with the company registration authority and, in the event of any change thereof, apply for alteration registration. Unless duly registered, the above-mentioned items and any changes thereof shall not be a defense against a third party." It can be seen that China doesn't completely negate the phenomenon of dormant investment.

Generally speaking, dormant shareholders won't be eligible for status of shareholders. But it doesn't mean that the nominal investors would be identified as shareholders under any circumstances. According to the above explanations of dormant shareholders, several conditions need to be considered generally when authenticate the identity of dormant shareholders:
1. Whether the dormant investors have invested the funds, shared the rights & obligations of shareholders or not.
2. The dormant and nominal investors should conclude an agreement, which are the true notions of both sides. The contract on rights and obligations reached between dormant investors and nominal investors makes no essential difference from the general civil contract. The contract theory of general civil law is fully applicable to such an agreement between shareholders. For the company, such contract does not involve the interests of a third party, merely changes the rights and obligations distributing of the shareholders in this company. Therefore, as long as the contract is established on the basis of agreement and goodwill of both sides, the legal effect of such contract should be confirmed.
3. Whether the dormant investors have gained recognition of the invested company or other shareholders of the company. This is specific to limited companies, because the LLC is characterized for its collaboration of human resource, and the tacit understanding as well as the trust between shareholders is the basis of the orderly operation of the company. The listed company with greater liquidity of its shares will not be considered under normal circumstances.
4. Certification of the shareholder's identity and the balance of the internal and external relationships of the company. When the affirmation of shareholder's identity involves the interests of a third party beyond the company, it should stick to publicity and Rechtsschein theory (theory of appearance), and protect the reasonable trust of the third party. That is, the shareholders recorded in commercial registration, articles of association, register of shareholders, investment certification and such legally proved materials are regarded as statutory shareholders, so as to maintain the safety and efficiency of transactions.
5. Whether dormant investment itself is for the illegal purposes to circumvent the mandatory provisions. If the illegal purposes do exist, the identity of the shareholder should not be authenticated.

On all accounts,certification of dormant shareholder's qualifications should be treated differently. And it should follow the principle of "double standards and differentiated".When deal with the dispute on internal relationships, we should follow the rule of freedom of contract and autonomy of the will. While handle with the external legal relationships between the corporation and the third party, we should follow the publicity and Rechtsschein theory.

From the present situation of legal system in China, if the dormant shareholder wants to put his own rights and interests under the protection by the existing legal framework, he should not only have various aforementioned element conditions before and after the contribution, but also needs to take judicial litigation about confirmation of the shareholding ownership. And at last the shareholder's identity in the corporation will be authenticated by the court. Since the assumpsit between dormant shareholders and nominal ones does not have effectiveness on the corporation, the actual investor can not claim shareholder's rights in the corporation, so s/he has to institute judicial litigation about confirmation of the shareholding ownership in the first place.

It is hoped that with the consummation of legal system the system for dormant shareholder could be established in our country officially. If so, it will enhance investors' investing enthusiasm, promote economic development and create utmost social wealth.


Building a second floor addition onto a single story home has become a very popular option for home owners looking for additional living space without the hassle of uprooting their family. However, you should keep in mind that building any home addition is a major enterprise and that building a second story is not a simple undertaking. Here are a few things to consider.

Verify the local zoning laws of your neighborhood. Some zoning laws restrict the construction of second floor addition because it will impact the aesthetics of the neighborhood or create other issues to adjacent properties.

Local building codes should also be examined to ensure that a second floor addition onto an existing single story home is allowed. One thing to consider is the home's existing foundation. In order to determine if the foundation can support a second floor, you will need to enlist the help of a building inspector, foundation contractor or an architect who will examine the existing foundation. Adding a second story onto a ranch style home will create significantly more load on the concrete footing and the foundation walls. The footings and foundation walls are typically built wider and stronger for two story homes which means that you will most likely need to reinforce your existing foundation.

Before removing the roof of your home, you will need to plan for potential obstacles that will need to be addressed. For example:

- What is the size of the ceiling joists? Can they support a second floor?
- Are there mechanical elements such as plumbing, electrical and HVAC running on the top of existing ceiling joists?
- Are there any utilities attached to the existing roof and how much overhang does it have?
- Is the roof sheeting made of plywood or 1x boards?
- How many layers of shingles are on the existing roof?
- Are there any stacks or flues protruding through the roof such as vent pipes, fireplace chimney or furnace flue?

The mechanical infrastructure of your home will also need to be carefully examined. Elements such as the heating, plumbing and electrical will need to be upgraded and modified to support the second story addition. Typically, a larger furnace and electrical panel will need to be installed.

There may be some repair costs associated with your second story addition. Although your contractor will make every effort to ensure that the integrity of the main floor is maintained, inherently there are risks of damage to the first floor's walls and ceilings. This type of damage frequently occurs while the roof is being removed and while the second floor addition is being constructed.

The cost of building a second story addition onto a single story home is relatively expensive on a cost per square foot basis. Typically, there is a 30 to 50% premium for adding a second story over the standard construction costs per square foot. However, the alternative of selling your home and buying a new one is, in most case, a more expensive alternative. Keep in mind that you may be able to tap into your home equity or take out a home renovation loans to cover the costs of your second story addition, making your dream of a larger home a reality.

Monday, January 6, 2014


This is not a cash program and you MUST be next to the principal owner or the principal owner.

This is an extraordinary service is now available to OWNERS of BG'S, MTN'S, SBLC'S, CD'S, USA OR GERMAN TREASURIES who want to sell or monetize their instrument, or just increase the return on the instrument.

This program is not for leased instruments.

If you are the owner of a top rated instrument on one of the 3 exchanges, the selling of your instrument is now OBSOLETE. There is no need to sell your instrument for 50% to 70% when you can now receive TAX ADVANTAGED NON-Recourse LOANS OF 288% per year (never pay back).


On the day the instrument is blocked you will receive a non-recourse loan (that is never paid back) of:

FRESH CUT: 52% Gross, 39% net
SEASONED: 65% Gross, 48.75% net

Every 60 days thereafter you will receive non-recourse loans of 65% Gross, 48.75% net until the instrument expires or until you say stop.

The instrument stays on screen and is just reserve blocked. Near the expiration of the instrument the lender will return the instrument to the client.

No instrument owner should ever sell their instrument again because this program pays you more and has obvious tax advantages.


The contract is with a major London law firm as the contract signatory. The lender has in the T's available and the funds received are non-recourse loans.

Bank included for this program include USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and the top 3 Russian Banks. No Indian, Southeast Asia, Africa, or South/Central America Banks.

Once the contract is signed, the funds moves to the client simultaneously with the reserve block to the lender.



The owner of INSTRUMENT is always in FULL CONTROL.

This banking product transaction is being conducted through 3 top London banks at a Senior level as well as a top London Law Firm.

At close of contract, defined when both principals have signed the Agreement, 52% - 65% of the Instrument Face Value, depending on the strength of the Instrument and its ratings, will be promptly credited to the account of the owner on the same day via a cash credit enhancement with non-recourse provisions. (52% value would be for fresh cut Instruments.)

The contract will block the Value of the Instrument to this Private Banking Product provider for the duration of the Agreement which will be a minimum of 120 days with provisions for renewal after each 120 day cycle. The Instrument owner can unblock at any time, at which time the payouts will cease.

Additional credit enhancements in the same amounts and under the same terms will be credited to the owners account every 60 days within the contracted cycle.

The owner of INSTRUMENT is responsible for maintaining the terms of the Agreement and managing control of his assets which will always in be under owner's full control

The instrument is blocked to the benefit of the service provider during the time of the contract obligations. The Instrument will be returned to the owner free of lien or obligations at the final maturity of the Agreement. The title and bond power remains with the owner.

This program is intended for the benefit of owners of assets ONLY and no transfers of possession are acceptable.

Since we are sponsoring this banking product offer, there is a requirement that 25% of each 65% non-recourse loan payment will be sent to our charitable organization within 3 banking days.

Submission documents needed: NO EXCEPTIONS

CURRENT Account Statement showing that the instrument is in their name and account.
Screen shot with the ISIN number
Euroclear OR DTCC pages 1 thru 4 and Page 14.

Following acceptance, contract will be sent and settlement will move quickly.

Sunday, January 5, 2014


Do all the creative financing techniques you hear about really work? Yes, actually. They probably have all worked somewhere for someone at least once. The point isn't if they will all work for you. The point is to know what is possible, so you can find your own creative ways to invest in real estate. Here are ten methods to get you thinking.

1. Hard money lenders. You can ask around or find these online. They specialize in short-term loans at high interest. You typically use this type of financing for a "fix and flip." You can often get the money fast, and if you make ,000 on a project, who cares if you paid ,000 interest in six months.

2. No-doc and low-doc loans. No (or low) documentation of your income or credit required. Again, you can find banks that do these online now. The catch is that you will only be able to borrow up to 80% of the purchase price or property value. If you have 10% in cash, you might be able to borrow the other 10% from a friend or the seller.

3. Seller-carried second mortgages. Sometimes a bank will loan you 90%, and allow the seller to take back a second mortgage from you for 5%, leaving you needing only 5% for a downpayment.

4. Land contract. Called "contract for sale" or other names as well, this just means the seller lets you make payments, and delivers the title upon payment in full. I sold a rental this way for ,000 down, because I wanted the 9% interest, and the higher price I got this way.

5. Credit cards. If a seller will take ,000 down on a fixer-upper that you expect to make ,000 on, why not use credit cards? This is a true 0-down deal for you, and if you turn the project in six months, you will have paid 0 in interest on an 18% credit card. Don't let 0 get in the way of making ,000.

6. Retirement accounts. The laws get pretty complex in this area, but you can check with a tax attorney to see how you might borrow from your own retirement account to finance real estate investments.

7. Friends and family. Keep it all business, if you use this source, but loaning you money at 7% isn't a gift if their money is getting 2% in the bank.

8. Note buyers. The seller needs cash. He raises the price, and sells to you for 0,000 with no money down, taking back two mortgages from you for ,000 and ,000. He arranged (or you did) for a note buyer to pay him ,000 cash for the first mortgage at closing, getting him the cash he wanted. You pay two payments now, one to each note holder.

9. Get a loan on other property. Interestingly, if you take out a home equity loan for a vacation, and then forget to use it for that, you can use it for the downpayment on an investment property, without violating the rules of the bank that gives you the primary mortgage. In other words, you got in with no cash of your own.

10. Partnerships. For bigger projects, you could arrange for five investors to each put money into a partnership, with your share being the management responsibility instead of cash.