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Bin in bin amex refers to bank identification number which can be used to figure out a lot of information about the bin amex card holder with the help of bin. The information that can be collected just by providing input of bin consists of the bin amex card issuing bank name, country of the issuing bank, check funding type for the account holder such as debit, credit or prepaid. Bin in bin amex can also be used to determine the subtype of the card such as electron, classic, gold, platinum, business or any other subtype. The bin also provides the information the brand that has validated the card such as visa bin, master bin, American express bin or bin amex.

Looking For Bank Identification Number (Bin) In Bin Amex Cards

Bin refers to the bank identification number that is provided on each and every bin amex card that is manufactured and can be used in order to access the information about the type, owner status and other necessary information about the account holder. Every bin amex card has certain numerals that are imprinted on its front, whether it is a chip card or card having a magnetic strip at its back. The first six digits of these numerals imprinted at the front of the bin amex card altogether is considered as the bank identification number of the card and also offers protection against the frauds.

Information Provided By Bin Amex Cards

Bank identification numbers by Bin Amex cards can be used to find the country of issuing bank by using search option for card issuing bank in the bin database. Bin Amex cards can also provide other information such as check funding type of the bank, i.e. whether it is debit, credit or gift card. It also helps in determining the subtype of the card such as electron card, classic card, business card or any other card. Additional bin information provided by the bin database also include city, phone number and website of the bank and other information regarding the validating brand such as visa, American express or bin amex card.

Bin Amex - Another Step Towards Fraud Prevention

Bin in the bin amex card offer valid information on the card thereby disclosing the information of the card whether it is maestro card, visa card or any other type of card; thus, allowing every online merchant to throw more light on the person offering a card to him and the original user of the card. If stretched, information about the original owner is provided to everyone about the bin amex card holder, but then it can also lead to misuse of the provided information. Thus, the use of these websites providing such information for free just by entering the bank identification number is strictly limited on the daily basis. Proper care of the information that is provided by the bin amex is also properly considered and given sufficient attention such that the confidential information of the owner is not disclosed un-necessarily to anyone that might lead to any misuse and harm to the owner.

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