Monday, December 23, 2013


Everyone wants the best, reliable, dependable, most steady insurance company and with that description AGI Renters Insurance fits perfectly. It has become well-known in the industry because of the excellent service they provide and for the true dedication they have been committed to. This is helping their clients when they best need them. Sometimes we think we have got the best deal out of an insurance company only to find out that they are only as good as the contract states. When the time comes for you to speed up the processing of your claims or you need assistance with all the documents, they seem to disappear and you cannot get a hold of your agent, unreachable contact numbers, unresponsive or it takes weeks before they get back to you. With AGI Renters Insurance, this is no issue.
Apart from the fact that they have excellent customer service, AGI Renters Insurance is providing cheap insurance with the same coverage as their competitors. You may find other insurance companies also offering a low rate but you must check out the coverage that is being given to you. At a glance, you see the difference they will tell you that you get what you are pay for which is not the case with AGI Renters Insurance. They can afford to give you a lower rate and the same benefits, this is their strategy of attracting more clients to stay with them for longer periods of time. Coupled with an excellent service, clients are satisfied with this loyal company. This is how they have come to be the leading and most well-liked renters insurance company.
AGI Renters insurance can help you sort out what type of renters insurance policy coverage you need. Their agents can guide you through the process so you will have a better understanding of what you really need so you can arrange a suitable budget for you. The typical renters insurance policy covers your house or apartment's content. List all your valuable items so that you will not have a hard time remembering what personal belongings you have insured. Another tip is to write down how much each item cost you and it would be much better if you still have the original receipts that you can attach to your list. They will also inform you of things that you need to know about your coverage such as the policy limits, perils covered, and other options (riders, endorsements or separate policy coverage). If you would like to cover other items that are above the policy limit, they will suggest that you take a rider so that those particular rare collections, high value jewelry or artwork can be covered. Normally, perils like Earthquake and Flood are excluded in a basic or standard renters insurance policy. If you are renting an apartment in an area that is prone to the mentioned perils then it would be recommended that you get an endorsement or additional coverage for such perils. Actually, you can qualify for their discount program that is given to individuals who have multiple policies with AGI.

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