Monday, December 30, 2013


One of the websites that deal with all popular brands at a very cheap rate is DHGate. This website has attracted the customers from all over the world because of their low prices. Several consumers have given complaints about the products that they have been refurbished or been shipped in a broken condition etc. Though several people produce complaints, there are some people who show interest in buying the products from DHGate. In order to do a safer deal, you need to follow certain basic tips before buying. The following are the basic tips that are to be followed before buying any product. They are:

1. You need to do some research about the service provider whether they are genuine and ship the item after payment has been done.

2. If you find out positive results about the service provider then you need to check with the seller. There may be several genuine sellers and at the same time, several bad sellers will also be available. It is fully based on the feedbacks about the sellers. It is recommended to the avoid buying products from the seller with no feedbacks.

3. You need to check with the item description and read it carefully before buying.

4. To be in a safer side, always check with the money back guarantee facility. If there is no money back guarantee facility then it is recommended to avoid the product from buying.

5. The most important thing in which you need to note is the payment processing system. Be sure that you are protected with your payment. Some of the sellers will request you to pay through wire transfer or western union money transfer. All these transactions do not have any guarantee that the seller will ship your product. If any such sellers request you to do such payments, you need to avoid buying from those sellers.

6. Always use PayPal or credit card for payment where you can easily find a
solution on seller fraud.

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