Sunday, April 13, 2014


If you are searching for a reading program to teach your children how to read then you need a well-researched and highly interactive program that will surely address your children's needs. Hooked on phonics is a type of reading program that uses that learn-practice-play approach to teach kids of all ages how to read. It is a complete guide to every parent who wishes to teach their children how to read even before the child goes to school.
This program uses phonics as a main method for teaching kids how to read. Phonics is basically the method to teach reading by making use of sounds. The child is taught the sound of each letters and how to read them when combined together to form words, phrases and sentences. The progression of the lesson will definitely be dependent on the ability of the child to absorb learning and master the level that he or she is in.
You will find out in most hooked on phonics reviews that most parents and teachers really like this program because first and foremost it is research-based. This means that the formulation of the activities, methods of teaching and materials are depending on known facts as well as reliable data. This only proves how effective the program will be on each individual child.
Their approach in teaching children how to read is very systematic. Their approach is simple; they make use of a practical 3 step method which is to learn, to practice and to play.
Learning allows the child to develop new skills and concepts. This means that for each lesson they will learn a new idea about how to enhance their reading prowess. After absorbing the skill, the best way to test learning is through practical application. That is where practice session enters to allow them mastery of the newly learned skill. To reinforce the knowledge, the kids will be given some fun activities that helps them practice as well as remember the new ideas and concepts learned from the session.
The good thing about this program is that kids learn while they are having fun. The activities are very interactive and will certainly let the kids enjoy while in each session . The materials like flash cards, picture stories and others are bright, vibrant and colorful which make them appealing to the children. Each session runs about 20 minutes which is just right for the short attention span that most kids have. It is long enough for them to absorb the learning and short enough to gain their undivided attention towards the lesson.
There are different lessons and skill sets to be learned for each learning level. The child can start as early as the age of 3 in using this program. Event adults who have yet to learn how to read can make use of this program depending on their reading level. There is no specific hooked on phonics adults program, but you can certainly learn a lot from all the different lessons in this entire reading program.

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