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F.P. Meadows is the current Chief Executive Office of the bn company Nottingham Investment Administration, who have their offices based in Raleigh, NC. His story as a businessman begins however across the Atlantic Ocean at the famous Haileybury School in Hertfordshire, a school that can count ex-British Prime Minister Clement Atlee, write Rudyard Kipling and Batman Begins director Christopher Nolan as ex-alumni.

After a successful time in England, Frank Meadows III moved back to the US, to Durham, North Carolina and the prestigious campus of Duke University. Here, F. P. Meadows continued his interest in the world of finance by graduating from the university with an A.B. in Economics.

With his academic background now complete, Frank Meadows III was ready to move into business for himself and in 1983, he was the co-founder of Insured Benefit Design, which offered employee benefit, insurance sales and administration as part of its services. It did not take long for the young Kip, as he liked to be known, to get noticed in this highly competitive field. Barely a year later, he successfully found employment with advisor screening and consultancy company Robinson Humphrey in the same city.

This move would prove to be a crucial moment in the development of Frank Meadows III as an executive, planner, strategist and financial thinker. While working for Robinson Humphrey, Kip noticed that advisors would become frustrated at how difficult it was to manage separate accounts. He quickly noted that their inefficient system was working contrary to the needs of both the advisor and their clients. Not one to resist such a challenge, Kip addressed the issue head on.

Two years later, F. P. Meadows was the founder and CEO of Nottingham Investment Administration (NIA), a position he has held ever since. His innovative approach to improving efficiency in the workplace and increasing administrators customer service skills beyond all recognition, quickly became a defining aspect of his company. Two years after he founded the company Kip won the Entrepreneurial Roundtable Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 1988 and he has been a finalist three times in total

It is worth duly noting the considerable achievements of NIA since 1986, the company is now one of largest independent accounting providers in the US, it provides administration and participant services for just under 200 portfolios and currently administers over billion in assets for their clients.

Yet for all these impressive financial figures, it is NIA's commitment to unrivalled customer service and satisfaction that drives their success and it was Frank Meadows III undeniable brilliance to recognize that fact and, along with his financial acumen, put that together in one efficient, effective and winning package.

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