Thursday, March 6, 2014


No matter how often people do it, they generally find a trip aboard an aircraft exciting at some level, and beginning with the race down the runway indicating the trip has really begun. Unfortunately, global political turmoil has made the entire notion of moving around nations and between them problematic. Navigating the complexities means staying efficient while traveling, and personalized leather passport covers helps keep important identification safe and available.

The notion that it is far more complicated to make a trip by aircraft today than it was just 15 years ago. While technology has improved nearly every facet of the process, the specter of terrorism has forced the process to a crawl. Checking people and luggage for the primitive, by effective, possibility of smuggling dangerous material aboard simply takes a lot of time.

Experts on terrorism understand there are several aspects to people and organizations that would perpetrate violent action against innocent people. They must have the capability and motivation to act and the opportunity. Understanding the motivation and identifying likely individuals is an intelligence responsibility that results in the no fly list. Denying terrorists the opportunity to act is what makes travel so cumbersome. It is folly to consider terrorists dumb; they are clever and come up with a work around for every security policy implemented. Authorities must work together to find likely activists; prevent their secreting obvious weapons and removing their opportunity to act all of which inconveniences the rest of the passengers.

As each country works to establish safeguards for the public, there are necessarily additional steps travelers have little choice but to accept. The physical screening of each person to prevent weapons aboard planes is settling into a reasonably smooth process. Likewise, the documentation required for boarding a flight has become more standardized.

The documents one must have to fly on an airline start with purchasing the tickets, which now requires the use of a credit card, not just cash. In addition, one must present an identification card with a photograph for security to inspect. These requirements are not foolproof and for determined individuals they can be circumvented; but it makes it harder and is therefore measurably successful if inconvenient.

Domestic airplane trips are one thing, international flight requires even more stringent vetting of those who choose to fly. Diplomatic agreement between nations for documents that prove an individual is a citizen of the country of embarkation, and represents a government level screening of that person. For that reason, many countries bordering many nations require visitors and locals to keep their papers on their person when moving about the nation.

The idea of being asked to show identification at any time, not just when driving, is foreign to most Americans. It requires a concerted effort to ensure they carry the documents at all times. Using personalized leather passport covers protects the documents to avoid being damaged.

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